“Becoming an artist does not merely mean learning something, acquiring professional techniques and methods. Indeed, as someone has said, in order to write well you have to forget the grammar.”
― Andrei Tarkovsky


Generally Not #3 – Experimental Shortfilm – 2:09min (2017)


transmissions [3569-16117-1 through 3569-22115-2] (2022, 16min)
ˈwɪntɚ #23 (2022, 24min)
Sudden Walk (2021, 5min)
transmission 3569-78-1 (2021, 9min)
Life in General [so far] (2018, 27min)
Sister (2018, 7min)
A.1 (2018, 3min)
KFK 04|02|02 (2017, 5min)
You don’t (2015, 10min)
W. (2015, 2min)
Julia (2015, 2min)
Image #7 (2014, 4min)
Eisenofen (2014, 17min)
Le Process (2013, 39min)
Prolog für ein Winterstipendium am Meer (Installation 2013, 12min)
The Return off (2012, 5min)
Trapped in the Tube (2012, 1min)
Fas 234 (2012, 20min, mit Stephana Schmidt)
Exhibition (Experimenteller Dokumentarfilm 2012, 8min)
Grauzone (Super-8 Film zur Ausstellung Moskauer Strasse 2010, 22min)
Vtb3 (Installation 2008, 22min)


DOCUMENT (Dokumentationsserie von Performances, seit 2011)
Life in General (2016-2021) 171 Kurzfilme
Generally Not (Experimentelle Kurzfilmreihe, seit 2017)
1min (Experimentelle Kurzfilmreihe, seit 2018)


Entschlüsse (2003, 4min)
Heimkehr (2004, 8min )
Pferdekopf/Horsehead (2006, 4min)
Großer Lärm (2006, 10min)
Fahrgast/Passenger (2008, 10min)

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transmissions at Lift-Off Festival

transmissions [3569-16117-1-through-3569-22115-2] D 2022, 16min

transmissions [3569-16117-1-through-3569-22115-2] was selected to be shown at the Lift-Off Global Network sessions. The festival will be live on Vimeo On Demand for two weeks: 21 March – 04 April 2022. (1st Round, link will follow)

The first round is open to the general public, who rent the entire collection of films for the full duration of the fortnight. We will be collecting “votes” that will come from our marketing efforts and yours. Everyone must vote for both their favourite, and second favourite film (by writing in the comments section on the Vimeo page).

The winning short will receive an official selection for a live screening at Pinewood Studios next year AND a screening at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood during Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival.

You can watch the trailer of transmissions here.

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