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PublicCity No.12
_PublicCity No.12 [2004] 100x102cm

_At first glace, it seems to be hard to put such things as urbanity and nudity into a single picture. But here it seems to work in a strange, beautiful way. Every single one of these roughly 200 pictures has a focus that is as abstract as the subject itself. Because it’s not the female nude which constitutes the focus of the picture, but the nudity heightened by the feminine, taking on the part of an artistic figure. It is as if this figure is framing the pictures from within, putting it into an order at the same time.

_The figure refers to the place and the events surrounding her. She refers to both by the mere fact of her presence, but also through her gesture. With the head turned away, but still listening somehow, maybe even watching out of the corner of the eye. The slightly bent arms, the legs that hint rather than show. The figure leads the viewer through the picture as well as through the whole city.

_The figure is telling – these are epic photographs, a poetry of the city and of its people. The story is about day and night, about speed and standstill, about sights and usual things, about new buildings and those falling apart, about remains of nature, about people and emptiness, about color and the lack of it. It is a homage – not only to the city as such, but to Berlin in particular.

_PublicCity was done in Berlin in summer 2004. – About 200 Polaroids. It’s a shoot-and-run project. Since there was no photo-permit everything had to happen real quick. No long composing or double-checking of camera-settings. Everything had to be right, the second the shutter was pressed. It’s a play with the public. It’s the curiosity for reaction. It’s adrenalin. It’s the discovery of the city. It’s provocation. It’s testing the limits – of us and of society

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