Church Series

Jesus Lives Here and Here and Here … and Here  

(A Study on Southern Appalachian Churches)

Meat Camp Assembly of God, Boone

In October 2022 I went to visit family in the U.S.  Even though I had no photo-project planned it became quickly apparent that I would take pictures of churches. There were just so many of them, such a wide variety of styles, both architectural and spiritual.

Having been working on 3D-photography, it was clear that this would be a 3D project. I have put a lot of thought into 3D. I realized early on that colors are an obstacle to a 3D picture, simply because if you don’t have cyan-red-3D glasses at hand, it looks like a mess. so I started taking b/w-pictures, which I like better anyway. 

Pineola Missinary Baptist Church, Newland

One of my main objectives is always to have a good picture that works without any additional information or tool. Just looking at it should be enough. So the next thing I thought to be of importance was: red and cyan in the picture should become graphical elements if possible. Plus the main object should be the focus of the picture, meaning: having the least or no amount of cyan and red.

There was still another idea I had. I was asking myself: What if I take a vertical and a horizontal picture for the 3D composition. It makes a cross, which is perfect for the project? But it’s interesting in a different way too. You get the center of the picture in 3D, whereas the outer parts remain 2D. Thus I incorporated a really interesting aspect of space into the picture, something to wonder, while looking at the photo through cyan-red-glasses. 

Calvary Church, Boone